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Other circumstances


 a) If your Job is extended or changes

If you job is extended or changes, you must apply to extend or change the conditions of your existing work permit before it expires.


 b) If you are a Work Permit holder because of a LMIA and you are offered a different job with a different employer in Canada

You must apply for a new work permit.

Do not start your new job without a new work permit.


 c) If you are a lawful permanent resident of the United States

Lawful permanent residents of the U.S. need an eTA to fly to Canada. If you received your work permit, you need to apply for an eTA if you:

  • don’t already have one and

  • plan to travel from and return to Canada by air.


Your eTA is linked to the passport you used to apply for your work permit. When flying to Canada you must travel with:

  • the valid passport you used to apply for your work permit and

  • your proof of status in the U.S. (like a valid Green Card)

You don’t need an eTA when driving to Canada or arriving by train, bus, or boat. However, you will need to provide proof of your U.S. lawful permanent resident status (such as your Green Card).


 d) If you are from a Visa-required country

You’ll need a valid visa and a valid work permit to return to Canada to work. You don’t need a valid visa if you return directly from a visit only to the United States or St. Pierre and Miquelon. You must re-apply for a visitor visa if your visa:

  • has expired or

  • was only valid for a single entry to Canada

Starting May 1, 2017, eligible citizens of select visa-required countries will receive an eTA when they renew their work permit. The eTA is electronically linked to the passport you used to renew your permit and is valid for five years or until your passport expires. You can only use the eTA when you fly to, or transit through, Canada by air. You will receive a letter from us with information about your eTA number and expiration date.

Note: If you already have a valid visitor visa, you can use it to travel to Canada until it expires. A visitor visa will let you travel to Canada by plane, car, bus, train or boat.

 e) U.S Citizens

United States citizens should carry:

  • a valid U.S. passport when flying to or transiting through a Canadian airport

  • the right travel documents when driving or arriving in Canada by train, bus or boat

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