Live-in Caregiver Program

Live-in caregivers may be eligible to apply for permanent residence in Canada after she/he has had the following work experience under the Live-in Caregiver Program:

  1. 24 months of authorized full time live-in employment, or

  2. 3,900 hours of authorized full-time employment. The applicant can complete these hours within a minimum of 22 months. When calculating the hours, the applicant can also include up to 390 hours of overtime; and

  3. The work experience must be acquired within four years of the date of arrival to Canada

The work experience under the Live-in Caregiver Program may also allow the principal applicant to apply for Permanent residence through the Caring for Children or Caring for People with High Medical Needs pathway.

The applicant must list all her/his family members in the application for permanent residence status. Family members who are not listed on the application and were not screened cannot be sponsored by the applicant at a later date.

The principal applicant and all her/his family members must pass medical, criminal and security screening before the principal applicant can receive the permanent resident status.